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Emergency Vet Lauderdale

Emergency vet services are essential foundations of our commitment to pet care. Accidents are erratic, and when it happens, you need competent veterinary service. You can rely on Emergency Vet Lauderdale, and our team is ready to serve you round the clock.

Our team is highly qualified to handle such emergencies. We assure you that your pet is in capable hands.

24 Hour Vet Lauderdale FL

We also provide regular veterinary services. If your pets require emergency treatments, before bringing your pets to us, consult your primary veterinarian for professional recommendations. If you can't get in touch with them, you can bring your pets to us as we provide round-the-clock services.

We are always prepared

Our facility is equipped to handle any medical as well as surgical needs. Even in cases like bee stings to severe trauma, our staff is willing to care for your pets and help you pull through in such stressful situations.

We aim to give our customers quick, attentive, loving, and compassionate care from the moment they arrive. In case the primary veterinary can't be reached, we make sure to update them once the condition of the pet has become stable.

We are ready to handle many situations

As mentioned earlier, we are prepared to handle cases such as:

  • Trauma
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Respiratory emergencies
  • Diarrhea, vomiting
  • Unable to urinate or defecate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood in the urine or feces
  • Poison ingestion
  • Labor and pregnancy problems
  • Heatstroke
  • And so on

If your pet is a regular at Emergency Vet Lauderdale, our team will get in touch with your primary veterinarian to begin working together as quickly as possible. Even if your pet is not affiliated with any animal clinic, we will treat them like any other pets with love and compassion.

Financial Cost

Just like any other health care needs, it costs extra. As you know, emergency care is different from regular consultation with your veterinarian. Our staff will discuss the following payments to work on your budget. We also do credit card installments.

When you're worried about the overall well-being of your pet when it comes to budgeting costs, it can be difficult to discuss finances. Just remember, Emergency Vet Lauderdale is deeply concerned about domesticated animals; we always want to help both the owner and the pet.

No Appointments Needed at Emergency for Pets Lauderdale

We believe every second count, Emergency Vet Lauderdale team will help you get through any medical crisis taking place. Our emergency hospital will give prompt care for your pet without the need for appointments or prior bookings.

If the situation permits, we appreciate it if you would call us ahead of time so that we can prepare the necessary equipment and care for your pet. We don't want to delay the treatment of any kind in cases of emergencies.

What to bring

Any consultation with the veterinarian is stressful enough. However, it's much worse for emergency situations. Being ready ahead of time will make you focus your attention when it comes to your pets in such situations.

Always ready your pet's medical records as the emergency vet staff won't have sufficient knowledge on the medical history of your pet. This would also lessen the time of referral with your primary veterinarian.

Always have an emergency kit ready. You need to stabilize the condition of your pet prior to arrival, and there's no need to be alarmed as we are with you every step of the way. Lastly, you have to provide a contact number for your primary veterinarian for the ease of continued care or referral.

Contact Us

If your pet is in need of emergency care within Lauderdale, Florida, contact Emergency Vet Lauderdale.