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Visiting the veterinarian for a medical check is a good habit to do when you are taking care of a pet. It is a way to keep your pet healthy and be in check especially when your pet has an ailment that you do not know. Unlike humans, animals cannot exactly express their feelings. We might misunderstand some noise or behavior as normal when in fact, they were trying to communicate about pain. When this happens, a visit to the vet is really a save.

After your pet is diagnosed, the vet would prescribe medicine for them. Meds for Pets Fort Lauderdale will come into the picture to provide you with the medicine that you need for your pet. We work just like a normal pharmacy but instead of human medicine, we have medications for animals. We provide the best medicine for pets FL and make sure that you get all the prescribed medicines for your pet.


Meds for Pets Fort Lauderdale was established to provide pet medication in FL. We have years of experience in serving many pet owners and making sure that their pets are getting the medicine they need to recover from sickness and keep healthy. Apart from the medicine prescribed by doctors, we also offer supplements and vitamins that are helpful for your pets’ immunity system. We also provide medication necessary during and after surgical procedures as well as first aid kits for pets.

We are an establishment that supplies medication for animals in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Some veterinary clinics have established partnerships with us which is a part of the service we do in providing medical supplies for pet clinics and hospitals. Apart from medical equipment and medication, Meds for Pets Fort Lauderdale also provides pet owners with accessories, toys and food that would aid their pets in their recovery from certain illnesses. We also have products that help your pets when it comes to proper hygiene which is also one way to avoid diseases.


Meds for Pets Fort Lauderdale consists of a team of professionals who are well-trained in pharmacology and know the trade of pet medication. This does not mean that we can prescribe medicine to pets. Veterinarians still have to check your pets and prescribe their medicine. All we do is provide the medicine as prescribed by the vet. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are also available; however, we cannot provide instructions on the intake of these medications. If you have questions about OTC medications, we can answer generally and will advise you to consult with a vet as protocol in every pet pharmacy.

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There are many ways to find the medication that your pet needs but it is always better to get your supply from establishments you can trust. If you want to know more about the services we offer and what we can do and provide for you, do not hesitate to give us a call and fire your question away! Meds for Pets Fort Lauderdale will be more than happy to accommodate you.