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Pet Grooming in Lauderdale

Pet Grooming in Lauderdale provides the best grooming experience. Our attentive, professional staff will provide the services needed to sustain your pets' individual needs. Our service package will be depending on the size of your furry companion.

Grooming your dog

The purpose of grooming is not only to make your dog look clean but also healthy. It's a typical misconception that grooming is not essential. On the contrary, it is important for the following reasons:

Overall Hygiene and smell
If you get pet grooming in Lauderdale, your pets will be taken care of. Having your pets groomed will have better Hygiene. If a dog is cleaned and brushed, the accumulated dead skin can be beneficial for your dog's Hygiene and smell. A bad-smelling dog is bound to make any owner unhappy. So why not bring them to us and turn that frown upside down.
Flea treatment
Owning a dog comes with baggage. By baggage, we mean fleas. If you're going to visit dog grooming in Lauderdale, it can be beneficial for your dogs, as they will be inspected for fleas and their eggs. Regular washing, clipping, and brushing of the fur can help in preventing the growth of fleas. We'll even include a flea treatment for eradicating those pesky blood-suckers permanently.
Early observation of various skin and health concerns
Going to Pet Grooming in Lauderdale on a regular basis will greatly help your pets in detecting any abnormalities. Our groomers are experts in finding lumps and bumps that a customer might have missed. Early detection is the answer to stopping the spread of any severe complications.
Minimize the risk of ear infection
Getting rid of the impacted cerumen and buildup in the ears of your dogs is essential to prevent infection. We can reduce any of the longer parts of the hair that can make the situation worse. Ear infections can lead to your dog's loss of hearing. A regular check-up or visit can't prevent such cases.
Trimming nails to prevent the development of bad posture or bone deformation
Cutting the nails of dogs is mostly left unnoticed, leading to certain complications. Longer nails are uncomfortable for dogs to walk on—their posture changes in order to accommodate the uncut nails. If left untreated, it can progress to further complications.
Healthier fur and coat

No matter what breed or length of a dog, it still needs to be taken to a groomer. Getting them brushed and washed is important. Brushing is an important aspect in maintaining that healthy glow. With brushing, the fur releases natural oils that bind to the entire fur for that natural glow. Regular brushing can surely prevent the development of matts. If left untreated, it will cause entanglement, which can be uncomfortable for the dog.

Other than hair or fur grooming, caring for the entire mouth is also vital. With all that chewing going on, chances are cavities or plaque can build up. It's always a good idea to visit the nearest dog dentist Lauderdale.

We make them look adorable.
An untidy dog can reflect on the owner, and others might think your dog is being neglected, and we don't want that. If you want a faster way for your dog to look cute, then grooming is the answer. Here at Pet Grooming in Lauderdale, your dogs will receive a spa treatment; while getting groomed, they will be pampered as we want to give your canine companion the best experience ever. If you're worried about the costs, we will surely match them with your budget.

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